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programming language

The programming language is a term and a set of rules which guide a computer to perform specific tasks. In referring to high-level languages such as BASIC, C, C ++, Java,COBOL, FORTRAN, Ada and Pascal, the term Programming language is usually used. Each programming language contains a unique set of words you can understand and… Read More »

Turing machine

A Turing machine is a machine proposed by the Alan Turing in 1936 that became the foundation for theories about computing and computers. The machine was a device that printed symbols on paper tape in a manner that emulated a person following a series of logical instructions.   Sometimes abbreviated as TT, the Turing test is a test developed by Alan Turing and published in the October 1950 paper, Computing Machinery… Read More »

Machine learning

Machine learning, or ML, is a branch of AI focused on creating computer systems that can accomplish tasks without explicit instructions. Instead of being told step-by-step and case-by-case how to do something, ML systems “learn” by repeatedly processing “training data” (representative sets of example information). The results of the processing are graded by how close… Read More »