How to Unlock a Vodafone USB Modem-Very Easy

By | April 7, 2020

How to unlock Vodafone USB Modem – very easy. If you having a Vodafone USB modem that you are using for a mobile internet connection, then you are definitely aware of the company’s decision in securing devices to prevent their use with other service providers. However, you can unlock almost any Vodafone USB modem if you know the unlock code.

With all free online programs,it is very easy to calculate the code you need for a Vodafone modem and unlock the device within minutes. After unlocking the modem, it can be use with any other service provider that supports mobile internet connections via a SIM modem.

First of all, disconnect the USB modem from the computer if you haven’t already. Slide the back cover off the modem and remove the SIM card from Vodafone. Locate and register the IMEI number inside the modem. IMEI number is a unique code consisting of 15 or 17 numbers that identifies a mobile station, such as a mobile phone or modem, for supported wireless networks.

Second, download and install the Vodafone Modem Unlock app. Programs like ,CardLock_ Unlock and Universal MasterCode, Vodafone K3565 Unlock Code Generator are all free apps that can help calculate the unlock code for ZTE and Huawei modems used by Vodafone. The software generates the code based on the device’s IMEI number.

Third, start your unlock code generation program. Type the modem’s IMEI code in the corresponding field and click the “Calculate” or “Create” button to generate the unlock code.

Fourth, insert the SIM card from a non-Vodafone service provider into a USB modem. Replace the back cover on the modem and connect the device to the computer. Wait a few seconds for Windows to detect the modem and configure it for use on the computer.

Next, run the Vodafone Connection Manager app on the computer. After a few seconds, the connection manager then displays a window which ask you to enter the unlock code for the USB modem. This is because the app cannot detect the Vodafone SIM card in the modem. Enter the code generated by the unlocker app into the field and click “OK”.

Go to the website of the new service provider and click on the “Support” or “Download” link to download the mobile operator’s call management software. Install the program on your computer.

Finally, you can start up the connection manager app for the new provider and use the old Vodafone USB modem to connect to the internet just as if you had received a newly authorized modem from the new service provider.


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