Find out What’s next for the human race..

By | March 25, 2020

Find out what’s next for humankind .. According to Einstein’s great theory of relativity, the future exists, waiting for us – at all times, past, present, and future, pre-existing and always in a fixed, four-dimensional time. However, our consciousness is stuck in a constant change now, crawls along the axis of time, welcomes the future as we absorb it, and then leaves it in our wake when it turns to the past.

But we can never see what lies ahead. It is an indisputable fact that we cannot predict the future, despite the claims of mediators and novelists.

On the metaphysical level, whether our future is destined or open, or whether our destiny is sealed in an imperative world or whether we have the freedom to shape it as we wish or not, the matter remains a matter of debate between scholars and philosophers. For the human race ..

Sometimes, of course, we can be reasonably confident of what will happen – in fact some future events are inevitable: the sun will continue to shine (for a few billion more years anyway), the Earth will continue to spin on its axis, and we will all grow older The age, and my team, Leeds United, will always make me feel disappointed at the end of every football season.

In other ways, the receptor can unfold in completely unexpected ways. Human culture is so rich and varied that events often occur in ways that no one expected. So, while there will be a few who expected Donald Trump to win the US election in 2016, no one (yet) can predict the date and location of the next major natural disaster – perhaps an earthquake or flood -.

Predictions about the way our lives will change thanks to advances in science and technology are spread across this vast expanse between what is inevitable and completely unexpected.

Usually science fiction writers are the most reliable and fanciful when it comes to conjuring up the future are science fiction writers, but how many of them before 1990 described a world in which the internet connects all of our lives the way you work today? The world wide web still looks fantastic when you stop thinking about it.

Solutions to our global problems require financial, geopolitical and cultural elements in addition to scientific and engineering elements, but it is clear that harnessing our knowledge of the natural world, as well as using innovation and creativity in technologies that exploit any new science, will be more vital than ever in the coming decades.

It cannot be denied that the application of new technologies, whether in artificial intelligence, robotics, genetics, geological engineering, or nanotechnology, to name a few, some of the current areas of exciting rapid progress, must be carefully considered and discussed.

We cannot allow ourselves to rush into the unknown future without carefully exploring the ethical and practical implications of our discoveries and their applications.

Many examples come to mind, such as the way robots have already begun to replace humans in the workplace, how we can better guard against cyber terrorism, or the way we use our natural resources while destroying habitats and threatening an ecosystem like the world’s population is growing in size And greed.

But I paint a bleak picture, and our future should not look like this.
It is important to remember that scientific knowledge per se is neither good nor evil – it is the way we use it.

You can be sure that within a decade or two we will have smart cities controlled by artificial intelligence, driverless cars, augmented reality, GM food, new and more energy-efficient forms, smart materials and countless tools and devices all connected to the network and talk to each other.

It will be an almost unrecognizable world from today’s world, just as today’s world will appear to someone in the 1970s and 1980s.

One thing we can say with certainty is that our lives will continue to transform completely through advancing our understanding of how the world works and how to harness it.


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