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By | March 25, 2020

Find out what it means to be a machine … amazing … all stories start at our end: we create them because we die. As long as we tell stories, we used to tell them about the desire to escape from our human bodies, to become something other than the animals that we are.

In our first written novels we find the Sumerian king Gilgamesh, who is annoyed by the death of a friend and unwilling to accept this same fate, hides him so that he can travel to the far edge of the world in search of a cure.

Long story short: no blossom. Later, we find Achilles’ mother immersing him in Styx in an attempt to make him unvaccinated. This is also well known and not working, find out what it means to be a great machine

We, humans, are in the ruins of imaginative splendor. It was not supposed to be like this: we were not supposed to be weak, shy, suffer and die. We have always had higher concepts of ourselves. The whole setting – garden, snake, fruit, negation – fatal error, system crashes.

We have become what we are by falling or taking revenge. This is, at least, one copy of the story: the Christian story, the Western story. The point at which we explain to ourselves, at some level, is to consider why it is a raw deal, this unnatural nature for us.
Emerson wrote: “Man is a destructive God.”

Religion arises, to some extent, from this divine wreck. Science, too – half of the expatriate brother of religion – addresses himself to such animal resentment. Find out what it means to be an amazing machine

In the case of man, in the aftermath of the Soviet launch of the first space satellite, Hannah Arendt reflected the feeling of ecstasy about escaping from what a news report called the “Prison of Men on Earth”. She wrote about the same yearning to escape, in an attempt to create superior humans from laboratory manipulation of germplasm, to extend normal life beyond its present boundaries.

She added that the futuristic man, whom scholars say they would produce in a period of no more than a hundred years, seemed to possess a rebellion against human existence as it was presented, a free gift from anywhere (secularly)), which he would like to replace, as it were, with something that he himself had made. . ”

Rebellion against human existence as presented: This is a good way like any attempt to encapsulate the following, to discern what motivates the people I met in writing this book.

These people generally recognize a movement known as post-humanism, a movement based on the conviction that we can and must use technology to control the future development of our species.

They believe that we can and should eliminate aging as a cause of death. That we can and should use technology to increase our bodies and minds; that we can and should integrate with machines, and finally we reshape ourselves into our ideals.

They want to exchange the gift, these people, for something better, for a man-made gift. Will he succeed? It remains to be the viewer. I am not a person. This may be evident, even at this early stage of the procedure.

But my fascination with the movement, with its ideas and goals, stems from a fundamental sympathy for its premise: that human existence, as it was given, is a sub-optimal system.

In an abstract way, this is something I’ve always believed in, but right after my son was born, I came to feel emotional.

The first time I carried him, three years ago, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of fragility of his little body – one that just came shrieking, shivering and bloodstained, from the body of his shaky mother. Which required him many hours of hardship and hard work to bring him to the world.

In sorrow gives birth to children. I can only think that there should be a better system. I can only believe that at this late stage, we must skip all this.

Here’s something you shouldn’t do as a new parent, because you’re sitting in a leather chair in a front wing next to your sleeping baby and his sleeping mother: You shouldn’t read a newspaper. I did this, and I regretted it.

She sat in the postpartum ward at the National Maternity Hospital in Dublin, turned the pages of the Irish Times in gradual terror, browsing a catalog of human delinquency – from massacres and rape, from irregular cruelty: separate operations from the fall of the world – and questioned the wisdom of bringing a child into this mess, from this type. (I seem to remember a slight cold at the time, and this wouldn’t have helped.)

Among many other influences, forcing a parent to force you to think about the nature of the problem – is a problem in many ways,


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