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How China is Combating the Spread of the Most deadly “Coronavirus” Using Telemedicine

How China fights the spread of the deadliest coronavirus with telemedicine Telehealth is another technology that has existed for many years, but is finding new demand. In China, according to The Economist, JD Health, a subsidiary of e-commerce giant, notes that monthly inquiries about its online healthcare platform have grown tenfold since the coronavirus… Read More »

Can America and other affected countries learn from China’s use of robots and telemedicine to combat the coronavirus?

What America and other countries can learn from China’s use of robots and telemedicine to fight the corona virus. After a passenger infected with the new corona virus boarded the Diamond Princess cruise ship in January, the virus spread quickly, eventually infecting at least 714 and killing 8. Critics labeled the quarantined ship in Yokohama… Read More »

Find out What’s next for the human race..

Find out what’s next for humankind .. According to Einstein’s great theory of relativity, the future exists, waiting for us – at all times, past, present, and future, pre-existing and always in a fixed, four-dimensional time. However, our consciousness is stuck in a constant change now, crawls along the axis of time, welcomes the future… Read More »